Roswell Air Center is Internationally Famous

Roswell Air Center is Internationally Famous Main Photo

30 Mar 2023


 The Roswell Air Center plays a pivotal role in aircraft repair, testing products, and transportation of goods. Roswell, NM, is located in southeastern New Mexico and is known for its aviation industry infrastructure, including this air center. Roswell Air Center has one of the country’s longest runways at 13,001 feet and is home to the world’s largest airplane parking lot. The center has plenty of shovel-ready sites, with taxiway access, available for development!

Aviation Opportunities at Roswell Air Center

Major airlines, such as American, routinely bring their planes here for maintenance. Likewise, Honda and Mitsubishi have used our air center because it is a safe location to test their latest products. The Roswell Air Center is also a commercial airport with daily flights to Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix. Click here to learn more about the Roswell Air Center and explore the aviation opportunities available here today!