Roswell & Chaves County Offer Clear Location Advantages

Convenience and proximity are two defining features of our region. Convenient because we have very little traffic and with rail-served and taxiway sites, transportation of products, and even airplanes, could not be easier. Proximity because our location in the southwestern United States makes it easy to reach all of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and California. We are also within 5 hours of the Mexico border, facilitating international trade while being far enough away from potential border conflicts.

One of our biggest location advantages is being home to the Roswell Air Center - the site of the nation’s longest runway and the largest airplane parking lot in the world. We have shovel-ready sites with taxiway access, creating unlimited opportunities for aviation companies.

Our infrastructure is also enhanced by our geographic location. A naturally-recharging aquifer provides us with enough water for 4 million people (our population is 64,000), so there is plenty of room to grow our population and industry. By receiving a significant amount of sun and wind, we can also produce renewable energy as a secondary or primary energy source, making companies more resilient.