New Mexico & Chaves County is a Low-Tax Environment

Compared with other western states, New Mexico is a low-tax environment offering savings for businesses and individuals moving here. In addition to low property taxes, there is no franchise tax, estate tax or inheritance tax.

We also offer several tax advantages and incentives. For example, there are Opportunity Zones in Chaves County.

Tax Advantages of Locating in Chaves County, NM

  • No tax on property in transit through the state or warehoused for delivery out-of-state
  • No inventory tax
  • No gross receipts tax on consumables used in manufacturing, including electricity and natural gas
  • No intangible property tax
  • No tax on real estate transactions
  • Lowest property tax in the nation
  • Single sales factor apportionment methodology for manufacturers
  • No estate, inheritance or gift taxes
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRB)