Our Water Supply Supports 23 Dairies & Growth in the Agricultural Industry

Chaves County is home to the world’s latest mozzarella cheese factory. With 600 employees, the Leprino Cheese Factory is one of 23 diaries calling our county home. The agricultural industry is strong here. From USA Beef Packing’s huge facility to dairies, ranches and farms, Chaves County is a regional agricultural hub with room for growth thanks to our naturally recharging aquifer and available land. 

Agriculture in Chaves County

  • Home to the world’s largest mozzarella cheese factory (with 600 employees).
  • The Roswell Artesian Basin is the most intensively farmed in the state, powered by a recharging, mountain-fed aquifer.
  • 23 dairies call Chaves County home. 
  • A 20,000-square-foot meat packing facility helps ranchers get products to market faster.
  • We lead the state in hay production.
  • 560 farms are operational.
  • There are over 76,000 milk cows in Chaves County
  • Chaves County ranked #1 in corn silage production with 391,000 tons and produced 391,000 tons of top-quality alfalfa. 
  • In 2015, the local pecan industry produced 7.1 million pounds of pecans.
  • Incentives are available


Sustainable Practices

Value-added agricultural companies have access to renewable energy sources due to our abundant sun and wind. The Leprino Foods has found another way to incorporate sustainable practices into its operations. All of the water used by the plant is treated for irrigation use on cropland adjacent to the plant to grow feed for local livestock. As one of the largest milk users in the U.S., Leprino is a key player in our dairy industry.

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