The Roswell Air Center is Home to the Nation’s Longest Runway: Sites with Taxiway Access Are Available

The Roswell Air Center is the Jewel of New Mexico. Formerly an Air Force Base, it was built for large aircraft, 24/7 operations, and significant aircraft storage.

After becoming privatized, the Roswell Air Center has become a hub for aircraft maintenance. Major airlines, such as American, bring their planes here to be serviced or to have the parts recycled after being taken out of service. In addition, the length of our runway has attracted companies like Honda and Mitsubishi, looking for a safe location to test their latest products. 

The Roswell Air Center is also a commercial airport with daily flights to Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix. 

Roswell Air Center Facts

  • Home to the country’s longest runway (13,001 feet - most aircraft only need 5,000)
  • Shovel-ready sites with taxiway access are available
  • The MRO industry is large here
  • An aircraft painting company has recently expanded at the Air Center
  • Ascent Aviation’s $31 million project is creating 365 new jobs
  • Largest used airplane parking lot in the world at 4,000 acres
  • Our dry climate and warm weather allow for outdoor aircraft maintenance year round 

Aviation Opportunities

The Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul sector of the aviation industry are seeing significant growth in Roswell. During COVID-19, major airlines brought over 600 airplanes to the Roswell Aviation Center for maintenance, repairs, and storage. In addition, airlines will send aircraft to Roswell to have parts recycled before putting them out of service - this creates a second-hand resell market as well. 

Mike Espiritu“We’re seeing the industry really grow in Chaves County due to the unique nature of the Roswell Air Center, having been a former Air Force Base. When combined with our local college offering an FAA Aircraft Mechanics Certificate, these assets make Roswell a clear choice for companies in the aviation industry.”

Mike Espiritu
RCCEDC President.

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