From Cows to Cannabis: How A Roswell County Dairy Farm Embraced Change

From Cows to Cannabis: How A Roswell County Dairy Farm Embraced Change Main Photo

6 May 2024


Pecos Valley Production (PVP), a cannabis company in Roswell, has a remarkable transformation story. The facility was originally designated as a dairy farm known to many as Nature’s Dairy, but when the owners decided to make the leap from cows to cannabis, everything changed. Their unusual success story has impacted Roswell & Chaves County and the state of New Mexico in extraordinary ways.


Uniting to Embrace Change: The Greathouse Family Legacy

Pecos Valley Production traces its origins to the unwavering dedication of the Greathouse family’s dairy farm in Roswell, New Mexico. Gerry Greathouse created the family dairy farm because of a deep love for his family’s land and animals. He poured his heart and soul into caring for their dairy cows, and with the steadfast support of his family, he nurtured their farm into a thriving operation. Gerry believed that hard work and a commitment to excellence were the cornerstones of their livelihood, which was exemplified in his unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability. However, as market dynamics shifted and new opportunities emerged, the Greathouse family stood united in their decision to transition from dairy to cannabis cultivation, embracing change with courage and determination. This journey from dairy farming to cannabis production is a testament to the Greathouse family’s bond, resilience, and shared vision for the future.

Transforming a former dairy farm into a cutting-edge cannabis production facility wasn’t easy, but the Greathouse family was determined to explore new horizons. Their dairy farm underwent a remarkable transition, repurposing existing infrastructure and recycling materials from the farm to create a modern space.  Now, the PVP facility stands out for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, combining high-tech machinery and advanced cultivation techniques.

Among the features included in the facility are automated systems to ensure optimal growing conditions, including precise temperature and humidity control. The facility utilizes innovative LED lighting systems that adjust to the plant’s life cycle, promoting healthy growth and maximizing yields. Holding fast to the same standards used in their dairy farm, the owners implemented quality control measures to uphold the purity and potency of the products, meeting the highest industry standards.

Creating Jobs in Roswell & Chaves County

Pecos Valley Production’s impact on Roswell & Chaves County demonstrates their commitment to community involvement. Through partnerships and fundraising efforts, PVP has raised significant funds and made impactful donations to industries ranging from supporting breast cancer awareness and rare disease research to underprivileged families during the holiday season.

PVP has created 175 jobs in Chaves County and 354 jobs total within the state. Their 23 stores across New Mexico contribute to local economies and provide valuable employment opportunities. They recently received the Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) award, which recognizes their commitment to workforce development and job creation in New Mexico. This award provides financial incentives to support the training of new employees, enabling PVP to expand its team and further contribute to the state’s economy.

Their employees are dedicated to empowering our customers to make informed choices and helping to shift perceptions about THC and cannabis products. Since opening, the team has continuously implemented and worked towards educational initiatives both within PVP and the community. This commitment ensures that their team is well-prepared to provide detailed and accurate information, striving to make every interaction informative and supportive. Their impact on Roswell & Chaves County is remarkable and sets the standard for other industries to follow in their footsteps. To learn more about the incredible businesses thriving in Roswell & Chaves County, contact us today.