Roswell is the Ideal Location For Your Business!

13 Apr 2023


There are so many great location advantages when you choose Roswell and Chaves County! Roswell, NM, is located in the southeastern part of New Mexico. This gives businesses close proximity to Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and California. Roswell is also only 3.5 hours from the Mexican border, which can help businesses that are looking to transport products internationally. 

Roswell & Chaves County Have Much to Offer Businesses!

Roswell and all of Chaves County enjoy the convenience of having very little traffic, coupled with plentiful railway and taxiway sites for the transportation of goods. One of our biggest location advantages is the Roswell Air Center which has one of the nation’s longest runways and the world’s largest airplane parking lot! Our city and county have plenty of shovel-ready sites, infrastructure, and a recharging aquifer that provides enough water for up to 4 million people! Click here to learn all about the advantages of locating your business in Roswell and Chaves County, today!