Come Enjoy Roswell’s Annual Events!

Come Enjoy Roswell’s Annual Events! Main Photo

8 Jun 2023


The Roswell-Chaves County area has so many fun events and recreation opportunities to enjoy! This city of Roswell is rich with history, being the site of the famous UFO sighting in 1947. This is one of the reasons our annual UFO Festival is so popular with residents and tourists alike! This festival includes a drone light show, live music, performances, costumes, vendors, and much more! 

Have Year-Round Fun in Chaves County!

Chaves County also hosts a yearly Dragonfly Festival at Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge. During this festival, visitors can experience the guided tours hosted by professional experts, and view up to 100 dragonfly species up close. There are also expert-guided tours for people to learn more about the birds, bats, and other animals that live in the wildlife refuge. Click here to learn about all of the annual events that you can experience here in Roswell-Chaves County.