Key Industries Are Successful Here in Roswell

Key Industries Are Successful Here in Roswell Main Photo

18 May 2023


There are key industries that are finding success here in the Roswell & Chaves County region! The Aviation industry thrives in this region. The Roswell Air Center is home to the longest runway in the nation and the biggest airplane parking lot in the world! The Roswell Air Center has shovel-ready sites, with taxiway access, available for businesses big and small to locate and expand here!

Chaves County Supports Industry Growth

The county is home to a naturally recharging aquifer as well, which benefits the agricultural industry in the region! This aquifer can supply water for up to 4 million people. Chaves County has a population of approximately 65,000 people, giving our county lots of opportunities for a growing population. We have the largest industrial/manufacturing site in New Mexico– which benefits all businesses in the advanced manufacturing industry. Click here to learn more about the Roswell-Chaves County region today!