Roswell Industrial Parks Benefits Economic Development

23 Mar 2023


Roswell and Chaves County, NM, are home to several industrial parks and shovel-ready sites for businesses in every industry! The Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation (RCCEDC) is dedicated to assisting site selectors to find the perfect location for their business needs! Chaves County is home to Earl Cummings, Hagerman, and Brasher industrial parks. All of which have ample development opportunities!

Businesses Benefit from Chaves County’s Industrial Parks!

The Roswell Air Center is home to the largest runway in the nation, and has shovel-ready sites and buildings available! This center is also home to the world’s largest airplane parking lot. Many major airlines frequent this center for repairs, maintenance, and parking in a safe location. Click here to learn more about our industrial parks, and find the park perfect for your business location needs today!