The Backbone of Every Business Includes Administration, Finance, and Management

The Backbone of Every Business Includes Administration, Finance, and Management Main Photo

6 Nov 2023


On the heels of October, Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation (RCCEDC) thanks all of the manufacturing businesses that opened their doors during Manufacturing Month to welcome, educate, and encourage the future workforce of the industry. What started as the first Friday in October, expanded into a month-long time when manufacturers display the incredible career pathways that modern manufacturing offers. Manufacturing jobs are no longer monotonous tasks in dirty, dark, and dangerous environments. Thanks to innovative thinkers skilled at problem-solving, manufacturing jobs have advanced to include engineers and production planners.

Every Business Must Have … 

As we move into November’s National Entrepreneurship Month, RCCEDC shines a bright light on the backbone of every business. Whether your business is in manufacturing, aviation, a different industry, small, mom-and-pop, or corporation, online or brick-and-mortar, it must have these sections to successfully function:

  • Administration
  • Business Management
  • Finance

Administration and Business Management go hand-in-hand offering careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Being such a broad cluster, possible occupations range from file clerks to chief executive officers, from mailroom clerks to bookkeepers, from library assistants to purchasing managers.

Together, administration and business management are a team whose focuses are similar and overlap. Separately, one needs the other. “Administration administers the efficiency of a company’s core operations and engages in research, strategic planning, and forecasting. Business management .. manages other employees and makes department-level decisions.” -

Finance offers careers in services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, and business financial management. As a specifically centered cluster, possible occupations range from financial managers to accountants, from bank tellers to budget analysts, and from insurance agents to loan officers.

Every business must have an administration to navigate the roadmap to success, management to support the crew, and finance to fund the journey. Whether it’s one person doing it all, or large teams, administration, management, and finance are necessary for every business to thrive.

Reasons to Relocate to Chaves County   

Chaves County has room for all industries looking to relocate, expand, or start new. Aviation, value-added agriculture, and advanced manufacturing are the key industries due to the county’s climate-resilient location, year-round perfect weather supporting renewable energy resources, shovel-ready sites, and infrastructure.

Additional reasons for your business to be in Chaves County:

  • Since 2020, Chaves County’s unemployment rate dropped from 10.3% to just above 3%. 
  • Tourism is big helping retail trade account for 31% of the matched taxable gross receipts. 
  • Through the State of New Mexico’s Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) for expanding or relocating businesses to be reimbursed 50-90% of employee wages for up to six months, 2022/2023’s total reimbursement was $718,859.00.

RCCEDC offers no-cost assistance to help businesses start or grow in Roswell and Chaves County. Contact RCCEDC to discover why New Mexico is the right state to build your legacy.