E-Commerce and the Struggle Against Space Challenges

1 Jun 2023


The surge in online shopping observed in the past three years, as the world adapted to changes in consumer behavior spurred by the pandemic, has had a revolutionary impact on the retail landscape. Simultaneously, business owners face a daunting challenge: How can we meet the increasing demand of customers while protecting our market share from competition?

This growing pressure, coupled with rising expenses and inventory struggles plaguing many verticals, is cause for pause. While some in the industry may celebrate a leading market, such as the U.S. topping $1 trillion in e-commerce sales for the first time last year, now more than ever before, the smartest players are developing innovative strategies to fuel all aspects of their operations. Today, to stay competitive, industry leaders must think ahead of challenges in space constraints, supply chain management, and more. Four focal areas for e-commerce-focused retailers are explored below.

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