Incentive Opportunities for Businesses in Chaves County

4 May 2023


Roswell & Chaves County, NM, have many available incentives and grants that businesses can take advantage of! The Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation (RCCEDC) is dedicated to working with businesses to help them continue to grow and expand here! One of the ways the RCCEDC helps is by assisting these businesses identify incentive opportunities that they may be eligible to benefit from!

Chaves County helps with Business Assistance Programs

Incentives, compiled by the RCCEDC, include tax incentives, grants & loans, industry-specific incentives, and state incentives. Businesses that would like more information on these incentive opportunities are encouraged to visit the RCCEDC website or contact us directly. We will assist you to sift through these opportunities and find the ones that benefit your specific business needs! Click here to learn more about the RCCEDC, and Chaves County, and let us help your business succeed!