Roswell & Chaves County is Climate-Safe Location

27 Apr 2023


Businesses who choose to locate in Roswell & Chaves County, NM, have the advantage of our climate-resilient location! This region is truly a safe choice for every business that chooses to locate here. We have an abundant, recharging aquifer that provides the area with a stable source of water. Renewable energy sources are widely available here due to the reliable sun, wind, and stable climate.

Chaves County Has Climate Resiliency Advantages for Businesses

Chaves County businesses have stable access to energy & electricity, water, natural gas, broadband, and more! We don’t get earthquakes or hurricanes here, and our tornado index is low. With a stable source of renewable energy options and climate safety here, businesses can rest assured that they can simply focus on their business without climate disruptions! Click here to learn more about Roswell & Chaves County’s stable climate and why more businesses are choosing us as home!