Our Alien & Dragonfly Festivals Are the Largest in the World.

Roswell and Chaves County are known for huge festivals that are unique and impossible to find elsewhere. Our UFO Festival is probably the most famous. Started over 75 years ago, after the first UFO sightings, the festival has off-the-charts entertainment like a drone light show, live music, dancing, performances, costumes, food, vendors, speakers, a 5K, and family activities happening throughout the city. 

The Dragonfly Festival at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is also known throughout the world. It is the largest dragonfly festival and takes place in a stunning location. Visitors can attend guided tours hosted by professional dragonfly experts, viewing up to 100 species up close. Experts also provide guided tours to help people discover the birds, bats, and other animals that call the Refuge home.


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