Our Climate Resilient Location is a Safe Choice for Businesses

Roswell and Chaves County offer businesses the safety of a climate-resilient location. From a business continuity standpoint, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and drought pose a real threat to operations. Our region is not exposed to these natural disaster threats.

Chaves County is a Climate-Safe Location

#1 We have abundant water from a naturally recharging aquifer.

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Our community sits atop one of the only naturally recharging aquifers in the United States. From a capacity standpoint, the aquifer is replaced annually and can support approximately 4 million people. Our county’s population is just 64,000, creating enormous potential for expansion in addition to supporting industrial growth.

#2 Renewable energy sources are reliable due to our sunny, windy climate.

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Our sunny, dry climate is especially conducive for harnessing solar and wind power. Businesses here enjoy energy rates of 6 cents per kilowatt hour on average.

#3 We don’t get earthquakes.

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There hasn’t been an earthquake in Chaves County since 1931, so the risk of business disruption due to an earthquake is extremely low.

#4 Our tornado index is low.

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Chaves County rarely gets tornados, with the last one being in 1974.

Learn More About the Benefits of Locating in Roswell & Chaves County

If your business is concerned about climate impacts, contact us to discuss the many benefits of locating here. In addition to climate resiliency, we offer low taxes, easy access to major markets, and affordable shovel-ready sites. Contact us for more information.