Roswell-Chaves County is a growing region, and we welcome that growth. We’re a great fit for businesses that need a quality skilled labor pool, for those connected to aviation and air freight-related industries, and for companies that require heavy water and energy usage.

We also have growth opportunities for small businesses and retail. Roswell is a regional retail hub for the 300,000 people that live within a 100-mile radius, and tourism related attractions, recreation and events bring more than 250,000 visitors to the region every year.

It’s our job as the Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation to make it as easy as possible for businesses to set up shop in our area.

Our 130+ members represent nearly all of the business, government and civic leaders in the region. We have influence, and we work together to make things happen quickly and easily.

If your company is interested in relocating or expanding in our region, contact the Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation first. We are here to make your experience easier.