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The Roswell Exhibit

By John Mulcahy – RCCEDC President

Over the past year, your RCCEDC Board and Staff have been planning a major marketing effort by setting up and staffing a Roswell Air Center exhibit at the world’s largest aviation maintenance trade show, MRO Americas, in April. Located in Orlando, there were 15,000 attendees and 800 booths, including all of our RIAC aviation business tenants. Both Amanda and I manned the multi-media Roswell exhibit for the entire event.

Hundreds of aviation industry representatives visited the Roswell exhibit, everyone instantly recognizing the “Roswell Logo” and learning, often for the first time, about our most economically promising asset. We used a number of normal marketing tools including: RIAC hats and bags; alien souvenirs; and brochures from the RCCEDC, ENMU-R, and local businesses. Furthermore, we hosted a full reception for our
prospects at a nearby hotel and utilized digital marketing tools including geo-fencing and re-tracking with good results.

The dedicated Roswell exhibit was a success and there are plans with the EDC Board to repeat it with more stakeholders next year. Now comes the hard work of reaching back to the people we met or contacted at the show to exchange information and schedule visits or presentations.

Looking forward in 2018/19, a planned apprenticeship program called “Grow Our Own” will be a major EDC effort in coordination with local industry and education to fill jobs through focused, on-the-job workforce training. Stay tuned…

Thank you members!

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