New Mexico Status Update (36th highest prevalence in US)

  • Case count: Statewide, the increase in daily case counts continue to decline
  • Hospitalizations: After a period of increase in July, hospitalizations are decreasing
  • Deaths: After a two-week spike recently, deaths may be continuing to decrease
  • Social distancing: Cell phone data suggests the rise in mobility of New Mexico residents has been stable, but this varies by region.
  • Contact tracing: The median time to quarantine for contacts identified last week was 2 days.

  •     60+ age group makes up highest percentage of hospitalizations each week ~50% of admissions
  • Hospitalizations state-wide for COVID have decreased and remains close to the mid-70s range for weeks of 8/15-8/24
  •     SENM has largest increase in new cases at 15.7/ 100,000 population within the 5 NM regions (NW, NE, Metro, SE, SW) (week of August 16th), a decrease from our prior week numbers but still highest in state – Prior Week 19.3/100,000 population
  • SENM 14-day relative growth rate hasdecreased to around -2.5% (peak around July 5th of around 10%)

o  Peak day for SENM was 7/20/2020 with ~100 new positive cases in our region in one day (7 day average is in the 40s for SENM)

  • R_Effective 

o  State: 1.0 (prior week: 0.8) – State Goal is 1.05 or less

o  Southeast: 0.9 decreased from 1.0 last week

o  Southwest: 0.6 decreased  from 0.7 last week



Updated Daily NM Dashboard:


Click on the link below to see the COVID Epidemiology Report as of August 25,2020.

NM COVID Epidemiology Report – 8.25.2020


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