We had the opportunity to testify with General Airframe Support, Inc. this morning and they were awarded the full amount requested by the JTIP Board.

General Airframe Support is an accredited distributor of aircraft parts by the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association in the disassembly and recycling of aircraft.  They are also members of the Aviation Supplier Association (ASA) as an accredited distributor of aircraft parts. They re-located to Roswell in 2017 and maintain a large inventory of aircraft parts in a 150,000 square foot facility.  They offer comprehensive disassembly and reclamation services, from basic component removal to complete teardown and disposal of aircraft.  They are acquiring a FAA Part 145 Service, protection, Storage and Preservation certification.  They currently employ 16 and will hire an additional 16 new workers (10 mechanics and 6 inspectors) with an average salary of $20.32 an hour.

Below is the proposal for JTIP funding that was awarded this morning. An additional 5% for high wages that meet the state threshold was also awarded.

General Aiframe Support Inc. Proposal


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