Located in Chaves County, Roswell is well known not only for aliens, but for their hospitality in welcoming new businesses (while supporting existing ones) and visitors alike.

You may think Roswell is a little out of this world, but really, we’re pretty down to earth.

If we had to describe Roswell in one word, it would be authentic.

Our community has character, influenced by its rich history, economic resilience and the quirkiness that comes with the reputation of being the purported site of an alien spacecraft crash.

The fact of the matter is that Roswell-Chaves County is the most livable location in Southeast New Mexico, with a cityscape accented by tree-lined streets and mountain views.

Our regional population is 60,000 and growing, but we have the quality of life assets of a larger metropolitan area.

The local economy is diverse. We have some major employers, but we don’t depend on a single company or industry to ensure our region’s success.

For those who land here, there’s a lot of opportunity to start a business, expand a business, or put down some roots to grow a career and enjoy a little slice of the good life – Roswell style.


Roswell-Chaves County is in the center of Southeast New Mexico. But toss out any preconceived notions you may have about us, because what you don’t know about Roswell-Chaves County will surprise you.

Diverse Economy

We have a diverse economy led by healthcare and agriculture and driven further by energy, tourism, banking and aviation.

We are the 12th largest dairy-producing county in the United States and are home to the largest mozzarella plant in the world.

We also can boast as having one of the largest commercial aviation industries in the Southwest.


Roswell is located at the Gateway to the Permian Basin, with four lane highways in every direction and served by both rail and commercial air service.

We have daily direct flights to Dallas and Phoenix through American Airlines, and our municipal airport is unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

Roswell International Air Center, was formerly Walker Air Force Base. The Air Center has a 13,000 foot runway, with a 10,000 foot crosswind runway. You can land anything here. Our airport can handle whatever cargo you care to receive or deliver.

Water & Energy

You may think of Southeast New Mexico as the desert, and it is. But here in Roswell-Chaves County, we have an abundant water supply. Our community sits atop one of the only naturally recharging aquifers in the United States. Our water supply is more than replaced every year.

Pair our abundant water supply with our exceptionally low energy rates and you have a low cost of doing business scenario for high-energy usage industries.

Our sunny, dry climate is especially conducive for harnessing solar and wind power. Businesses here enjoy energy rates of 6 cents per kilowatt hour on average.