Roswell Air Center

The Roswell Air Center (RAC) is located five miles south of the central business district of the City of Roswell and is the core of southeastern New Mexico’s industrial activity. Roswell Air Center is a point of pride for our community, and certainly an asset for anyone who does business here. We have daily direct flights to Dallas/Ft. Worth and Phoenix through American Airlines

The Air Center has a 13,000-foot runway, with a 10,000-foot crosswind runway. There’s also 4,000 acres for them to park. RAC is the largest used plane parking lot in the world. New Mexico’s dry climate makes it a perfect place to store airplanes.

RAC was originally Walker Air Force Base, an army airfield and training facility during the Second World War. The facility then served as part of the U.S. Strategic Air Command Nuclear Deterrent Program. In 1967, it was closed by the Air Force and the 4,000-acre property was transferred to the City of Roswell, becoming its municipal airport and aviation-related business park.

Today, various industries are located at Roswell International Air Center, including those that store, refurbish, and dismantle airliners. Airlines from around the world store, repair, and obtain parts from the giant aircraft that are already parked, or being worked on, at the facility. There are currently 3 MRO companies and a commercial aircraft painting company located at our airport. . Newest expansion project is Arizona-based Ascent Aviation Services who plans to build a new wide-body hangar and hire 360 employees for airplane repair and maintenance services.

Roswell Air Center Quick Facts:

  • FAA Dedicated Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Aggressive Tax Incentives
  • No New Mexico Inventory tax
  • No transaction tax from the sales of aircraft, services, storage, or parts
  • No tax on sales of pilot or flight support training
  • Technology jobs tax credit
  • Manufacturing investment tax credit
  • 55% tax reduction from the sales of fuel for jet and turboprop engines
  • It is is the largest used plane parking lot in the world with 4,000 acres.
  • 1,200 acres adjacent to the west side of runway for development
  • Free overnight aircraft parking, aircraft tie down, and long and short term vehicle parking
  • 24-hour Fire Department with Index B capabilities and EMS on site
  • Full FBO services
  • Rental Car Facilities