Welcome to Roswell & Chaves County, Where It’s Easy to Grow a Business

Roswell and Chaves County, New Mexico, is a leader in the aviation industry. We’re home to the Roswell Aviation Center and one of the country’s longest runways. Honda, Mitsubishi and major airlines use our airport for testing, repairing and repurposing aircraft. Our workforce training programs support the aviation and advanced manufacturing industries, ensuring a steady talent pipeline for growing companies. 

At the edge of oil and gas country, Roswell and Chaves County have the infrastructure to support major industry, including renewable energy sources and a natural recharging aquifer fed by nearby mountains. Our mountains also provide endless recreational opportunities, including the ability to ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon. So whether you’re a business searching for a convenient location and strong workforce, or a family wanting an easy lifestyle with outdoor recreation, Roswell and Chaves County is the place for you. The RCCEDC can help you to find a site, support your growth and make it easy to become part of our incredible community. “I return every single call because it is so important for entrepreneurs” - Mike Espiritu, RCCEDC President.